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Contact information:
For more information call or email Kumu Kaipo at
  • 808-690-4191

  • HealingHulaAndChanting@gmail.com

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     Our mission is to share the essence of Hawai’i with as many people as possible through Hula, the Hawaiian art of dance.

     Healing Hula ® (HH) is not a performance-based group.  However, volunteers from the HH do presentations for organizations who want to learn more about the Hula and Hawaiian culture.

    Classes encompass fundamentals and material matching the group’s level and interest.  As there is so much to share, HH teaches hula, the Hawaiian art of dance versus other Polynesian dance forms (i.e., Tahitian, Samoan, Maori, fire-knife, etc).

    HH is the umbrella for various aspects of the organization-                                                                                                           

    ·       School (Hula Halau Ho’okamaha’o)

    o   Hula Classes

    §  Modern (Auwana)

    §  Traditional/Ancient & Contemporary (Kahiko)

    o   Group Classes

    §  Basics

    §  Gentle

    §  Progressive

    o   Chanting and/or Drumming Classes (Oli/Ho’opa’a)

    §  Basics

    §  Progressive

    o   Private Classes

    o   Dance Showcase

    o   Excursions (Huaka’i) – hula and cultural-related trips to Hawai’i for students enrolled for two consecutive years or more

               ·       Workshops

    o   United States

    o   International

    ·       Hula for Fun and Exercise  NEW!

    ·       Community Presentations





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