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In Healing Hula, key elements  addressed are:

  • The physical need for exercise (movement) in a fun mode.

  • The ongoing quest to keep the brain/mind active.

  • The soul’s hunger to grow and blossom in a nurturing and safe environment.

To the physical eye, Healing Hula® is a dance class.

To the soul, it is a venue to vibrate joy.

Metaphorically, it is a platform upon which one's life is guided to be Pono - being in alignment with what is true.  It is a process of planting seeds of love.  It is a way of learning how to nourish these precious seeds so they can grow and blossom.

To an observer, Healing Hula® (also known as Healing Hula and Chanting®) appears to have a format similar to most dance classes - Warm ups, reviewing basic steps, learning choreography, and learning how to move the body along with the music or chant.

Take a closer look at a Healing Hula® class, and you will notice and feel a rhythmic energy evolving as the class progresses.  When the participant embraces this rhythmic energy, he or she is able to focus. Combining the ability to focus with the incredible vortex the participants create is what allows the opportunity for self-healing. It’s a formula that works very well for many who actively participate. The participant may arrive in a low energy mode, or may be a bit frazzled, or may be  a bit annoyed with something or someone. By the time the session ends, he or she will have evolved into a better feeling place and be closer to that emotion we call joy.

HEALING HULA® is something that needs to be experienced in order to be appreciated.  Reading or hearing words about it … are just that…words.  Experiencing Healing Hula is experiencing facets of joy.  So, as written in the first sentence…

To the physical eye, Healing Hula is a dance class.

To the soul, it is a venue to vibrate joy.

To the participant, it is a guide to be in truth and to plant seeds of love.

During the class, the movements can be quite vigorous or as gentle as wanted by the participant.  It’s his or her choice.  So, it is quite a nice option for exercise…for any age.  What keeps the participant moving is the rhythmic energy provided by the ipu (gourd), and/or the chanting.  The rhythmic energy…the beats…the melodic chanting…combined into a storytelling mode adds romantic spice to the session. 

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