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Healing Hula and Chanting - Testimonials

Aloha, e Kumu,

My experience in last Sunday's classes was so special.  First you had all my resting brain cells shaken out of slumber by asking us to dance "No Luna..." on the "left side" (in Hula Progressive).  It was challenging, and fun to do.

A wondrous happening took place in Ho'opa'a (drumming and chanting class) with the spontaneous exercise you had us do to try out our leo (voice) with words from "Aloha e, Pūnāwai."  The effect was magical.

Then to top it all off, in Kawahine's class (Hula For All Ages), we began learning choreography to "Lovely Hula Hands: - a song I have loved since childhood, and a song my ukulele group loves to play.

I realize that every hour of every day has its own dynamics, and that no two are the same.  No two classes will ever be the same.  I feel so fortunate to have been there last Sunday, and to have taken part in these experiences.

Mahalo nui loa for teaching us, and for making all of this possible.

Kawāu'i  (San Antonio)

Having been away from Hawai'i and hula for over a decade, it was wonderful to find a bit of home in the teachings of Kumu Kaipo.  I love the challenge of the art that requires me to keep so many things in mind at the same time:  the meaning, the melody, and the motions.  It's good for the mind, the heart, and the body.  I love the beauty of the songs of love for the land, people, stories, and values of my home.  I am reminded that all land and people deserve this kind of appreciation.  And, I enjoy the wonderful people who are drawn to this art and dance with me.  I am healthier and happier for joining Healing Hula.

Kōane (San Antonio)

Healing Hula & Chanting has helped with increasing my energy level and decreased my weight.  I am better fit both physically and mentally.  I am a better person thanks to Healing Hula & Chanting.

Mahalo, Ka'ano'i (San Antonio)

I would like to share with you my experience of the Healing Hula & Chanting with Kumu Kaipo. Her teaching style is helping me with getting into my own power, encourages me to push myself, instills determination to keep on going and not give up. It awakens what has been sleeping within me. It's an experience one must experience on their own for everyone will heal what needs to be healed at the time. The class is fun and the energy of Kumu and everyone in the class leaves you with the feeling of joy. As each class ends, you look forward all week to the next class.

Thank you, Kumu Kaipo! We are so blessed to have you as our Kumu.

Sending love and light,
Alohilani (Hawai'i)
Healing Hula & Chanting makes me feel relaxed and in harmony while chanting with others.  I learned how to perform Hawaiian dancing from a real native Hawaiian teacher.  Lots of things to learn about Hawaiian culture and the class is always fun.  I will meet Kumu Kaipo again soon when we start classes after holidays.

Tippi (San Antonio)

Healing Hula has been an extraordinary experience for me. Kumu Kaipo skillfully and gently incorporates exercises, postures and breathing techniques of wellness philosophy into the hula. The results enable me to utilize the movement of energy to increase the mana...power of energy in my chanting and in the dance. It helps me to give "voice" to the dance and breathes in life to the movements. As we learn our movements there is a poetic understanding of our dance movements, and the satisfaction of knowing that we are also strengthening our wellness physically, emotionally and spiritually.

S. Ka'imiloa Dahang (Hawai'i)

As I joined my first Healing Hula and Chanting class, I had no idea what was in store for me.  Layers and layers of learning and awareness began to unfold...  The physical layer:  From, "Wow - my hips aren't used to moving that way!" to, "This is REALLY fun!"  The mental layer:  On her website, Kumu says, "In Healing Hula, there is no wrong; there are no mistakes."  Boy, did THAT come in handy - and I've learned a lot from my 'mistakes'!  The emotional layer:  Making connections on new levels with fellow students who quickly became my new Hula Sisters and Brothers.  The spiritual layer:  I began to get a glimmer of understanding as to what this all meant for me - Healing Hula and Chanting... A Metaphor for Life

Laua'e (San Antonio)

Healing Hula and Chanting is helping me appreciate my being as a whole. We learn the footwork and then we learn the hand motions for each line, and then each verse. And when footwork, hand motions, verse after verse are joined together, hula begins to evolve for me. Connections continue with new knowledge, past knowledge, hula melodies, and hula sisters/brothers. I am renewed, refreshed, re-energized through brain and body as I learn that chanting comes from deep within. I learn to honor each part of myself and by the time each class ends, I breathe a sigh of wonderment and leave with a feeling of humility, that I still have so much to learn here. Mahalo, Kumu Kaipo!

Linn S. (Hawai'i)

Aloha, Kumu,

When I first joined the class, I had no dance experience and was just hoping to learn a few steps and a little bit about Hawiian culture.  I thought it was just going to turn out to be a class like so many I had taken in the past.  What I found was soooo much more.  Hula has turned out to be a lot of fun, great exercise and has bought me so much joy.  I found a group of people who are warm and welcoming and it was amazing how quickly they have become my Halau Ohana (family)  Kumu can take anyone regardless of their age, size, shape or dance experience and turn them into a hula dancer.  I can't wait until the next class so I can get together with my "hula sisters and brothers" and dance!

Kaleikaumaka (San Antonio)

Dear Kumu,

I wish you the best for your hula school. You offer so very very much more than hula and chanting lessons. I wish I had granddaughters and grandsons to send to you for life lessons. Each time I was in class, I felt, again and again, so impressed with how much you were giving to us. Along with your impeccable skills in hula and chanting, I always felt so much love and joy in dancing hula in your class. You shared and passed on your "Being", your spirit, with us, as you skillfully helped each of us feel good about ourselves, despite our differing skill levels. Dancing hula and chanting both involved physical elements as well, which I also found to be nurturing greater health and wellness. I believe your great respect for the traditions of hula and chant were well conveyed and I gained a greater respect for what was being passed on to us. I recall the joy I had in dancing and being with the group. I know I have been blessed. I know I have learned so much from you and that there is much more I could continue to learn from you. I am forever grateful.

Aloha, Linda Yuen -your 81 year old student (Hawai'i)

Kumu opens the world of hula to us and our hearts and bodies stretch open to receive it with much gratefulness and joy.

Lei (Hawai'i)

I am taking hula for health and it is greatly helping me to strengthen my legs after a serious accident and surgery. I am also grateful for the opportunity to learn more about hula and chanting. I try to coordinate my movements to the music -- it is a difficult thing for me to do, but I feel very supported and accepted by the group as I try to learn.

Bob (Hawai'i)

In regards to why I am taking hula, I was curious about the healing and chanting involved when I first attended the introductory session. At that session, there was talk about imprinting and centering and chanting from your na'au. I became an eager student and found hula to be a way of challenging myself to relax, have fun, and consciously get my brain and body to work together. In certain instances, I find there is an inner peace to be found through hula.  Mahalo, Kumu Kaipo...

Roy (Hawai'i)

You may not have noticed, but when you thanked me for sharing with other people about our halau, I muttered some response that even I couldn’t make out. That’s because I was too shy to say what I really wanted to, which was along the lines of, “It is my great pleasure to share this gift (of receiving your teachings, mana, aloha) to everyone I can – it is (you are) too wonderful not to share!” Some embarrassing comment like that. I cannot tell you at how many levels this continues to be a healing experience for me, and for all of us, although I’m certain you know anyway! I hope you don’t get tired of me saying this, but thank you.

KaLeo (Hawai'i)

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