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About Kumu Kaipo, Founder/Director

Kumu Kaipo, whose late father was of pure Hawaiian ancestry and late mother was half Hawaiian, was born in Hawai'i.  The essence of ancient Hawaiian values, philosophy and energies vibrate deeply within her belief system.  This mainstay, coupled with life experiences of the Eastern and Western cultures, evolved into her current mantra.

All moving as One (Ne'e papa like)

One moving with All (Ne'e papa pū)

Since 1962, Kumu Kaipo has been instructing and teaching a multitude of students in Hawai'i, Japan, Costa Rica, Istanbul, Philippines, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Cypress, Austria, and the continental USA.


Having rekindled her passion for dance several years ago, she revamped her program previously  based on competitions and performances into one focusing on healing and fun.  The sessions expound on how the timbre of a song or chant, integrated with flowing movements and rhythmic beats, can truly guide a participant to develop tools to find love, light and laughter.








Background / Certifications

'Iolani School, Performing Arts Dept

(Honolulu, Hawai'i)


Dance Program Director
From 1979 to 1994, created and
developed the dance program for
the Upper and Lower Schools. 
Ka Pā Hula Manu / Kahanā Kealoha Ho’opa’a / ‘Ōlapa / Alaka’i
(Aiea, Hawai'i)

Certified in the Traditional and Modern Hula.

Participated in the Merrie Monarch Festival from 1973 to 1985.

Hanayagi Classical Dance School
(Tokyo, Japan / Honolulu, Hawai'i)

Natori – Hanayagi Mitsusora
Certified by Masters in Japan, 1984

Tai Chi

(Kalihi, Hawai'i)


Home Schooled by family elders, 1948 - 1991

Dahn Mu Do, 2005 - 2011


Hula and chanting have provided a steady compass throughout Kumu Kaipo's life’s journey.  Each time a hula or chant is revisited, there is a different level of understanding of its story and message.  She especially enjoys when the students asks questions...because it reflects that they are curious and hungry for knowledge.

Kumu Kaipo endeavors to show how the voices of a poetic chant or mele, coupled with fluid movements depicting nature and rhythmic beats of an instrument, can truly escort a participant to find one’s joy, health and sense of peace.


Kumu Kaipo has spent over 57 years teaching and mentoring thousands of students in Hawai'i, Japan, Costa Rica, Istanbul, Philippines, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Cypress, Austria, and the continental USA.  Kumu currently shares the essence of old Hawai'i in San Antonio, Texas, where she currently resides. 

  • 'Iolani School, Dance Director – Performing Arts Department

In 1979, Kumu Kaipo created and developed the dance program at 'Iolani School.  She started with a humble number of seven students.  By 1983, she was directing a dance program that encompassed all grades, K thru 12.  It involved 5 full-time dance teachers, over 700 students during the regular school day curriculum and over 300 students during the after school program.

  •  CTA (Computer Training Academy) – Certified Microsoft Office User Specialist

    Instructed adults from all walks of life – Court Judges, Lawyers, Truck Drivers, Clerks, Construction  Workers, Administrators, Business Owners – on all computer applications.

  • HBC (Hawaii Business College) – Business Courses, Software Instructor

Taught business courses and computer applications to adults. 

  • KCAA Preschools – Computer Applications Instructor

Taught computer applications to pre-school aged children at various school sites.

  • Frank Owens Piano Studios – Piano Instructor

        Taught piano to students, ages 8 through 79.

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